Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Smell a Spirit

Funny you mention cigar.....I do not believe in "coincidence" so the timing of the universe continues to amaze me. I was just at our local high school play with two of my four children, the night before you posted your comment. As we were sitting in the dark, I could smell cigar smoke.

I prefer trying to debunk every paranormal activity that presents itself to me....so I brushed it off as perhaps a member of the audience smoked a cigar prior to the play. However, I have two examples of "smelling a spirit" phenomenon that I would like to share with you!

Several years ago, I was chatting with an acquaintance of mine about the death of her mother. I felt an impulsive need to ask her an odd question. I asked her if she had smelled her mother since she passed. She looked at me and said she smelled her mother's lipstick at the funeral. Keep in mind at this time in my life, I was unaware that it was possible to smell a spirit.

Another similar story is when I first met a good friend of mine. We were having drinks and she was talking about the death of her mother. Once again, I followed my intuition and asked if she had ever smelled her mother. She looked at me as if I was The Great Gazoo from an old Flintstones episode. Anyway, she said no, and the night continued as she washed my question away with a martini.

The next morning her husband called her from his trip. She had not talked to him after she left me that night, as he was away. He told her that her mother came to him in his dream and that he could smell her.

To make the story odder, he never recalled her mother having a particular scent.