Monday, May 10, 2010

Pipes, Coffee and Ghosts

A recent comment to my post "I Smell a Spirit", caught my attention. As my comment button malfunctioned on that particular post, I have decided to use it this week as a preface to a post later this week.

A man living in the United Kingdom noted that his home occasionally has two smells that leave his family wondering if it has paranormal activity.

The first smell is pipe smoke. It lingers by the lavatory door and into the hall. It is not continuous, and may last a couple days. It returns every few weeks, sometimes not for months.

The man feels this smell of pipe smoke is paranormal because nobody in the house smokes, and smoking is not permitted in the home. He also adds that his dog "Scooby", has been seen staring at the lavatory door when the smell is present.

The second smell the couple has experienced in their house is that of coffee. The strong smell of coffee is found by the stairway and the bedroom door in the evening hours. They are perplexed because they do not drink coffee and rarely keep coffee in their home.

I am still curious as to why the smell of tobacco is so common in places where it is unexpected. If anyone has a theory as to why this phenomenon occurs, please contact me at:, or as always, I look forward to your comments!