Monday, May 17, 2010

Paranormal Tobacco

Recently, Siôn-marc Simpson commented on Nottinghamshire Paranormal Network's Discussion Board regarding ghost hunting equipment and finding spirits. Since the last couple of posts on my blog have been based on ghost "smells", Siôn-marc's comment caught my attention! If you are thinking "Oh, not again..." this shall be my last post on this topic!

Q. How exactly are you involved in the world of paranormal?

A. I am the founder of P.I.E.M. (Paranormal Investigations East Midlands) in Nottingham, England. We focus on technology and science. We believe that the field of investigation has been harmed by the "entertainment" ghost hunting shows. Our motto: "Logos pleon agoia" is ancient Greek for "reason over ignorance".

Q. What are your religious views?

A. Religion, in my opinion, has stunted the growth of humanity. I believe it is a form of control, designed to blind us from our truths. When I look at the amount of misery and death caused in its name, I feel the detriments are greater than the benefits. I guess you could say I am Shamanic or Animistic.

Q. What is your ultimate goal concerning your paranormal interests?

A. Our goal as a group, is to investigate the subject in a proper manner. Not for entertainment, or to make money. We are simply searching for evidence for people with open minds.

Q. What can you tell me about the smell of tobacco you encountered on your past investigation?

A. P.I.E.M. was at a property where some of the reports focused on a sitting room. People experienced sweet smells that had no explanation. People claimed they smelled the odour when sitting in a particular chair, at no specific time. The old chair (original to the property) was in front of a window. I noted that the fabric was warm, due to sunlight. Old fabrics, when exposed to heat, tend to release a sweet smell of tobacco. In some cases, the fabric fibers expand and the trapped odours are released into the air. I carry a hair dryer with me on investigations for this reason. I warmed the fabric and could smell the sweet smell of tobacco.

Q. Does this phenomenon only occur with aged fabric?

A. No, I believe any fabric will work but it takes fabric a while to trap odours. The fibers in the fabric are more porous with age.

Q. What do your family and friends think of your intense interest in the paranormal?

A. I have had mixed reactions. It's funny. There are the sceptics, but off the record they admit they have friends who have had paranormal experiences.

The Burning Question:

Do you believe it is possible to "smell" spirits?

A. I have never had a personal experience with this particular phenomenon!

Thank you Siôn-marc!

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  1. Great interview! I thought it was a good idea for him to bring a hairdryer to his investigations. Very thorough.....and it adds to his group's credibilty when they DO find evidence of the paranormal.

  2. Very interesting post from an investigators point of view. As said, nice to learn about skills and thoughts behind using a certain piece of equipment in an investigation. I'd never have thought about carrying a hairdryer for a paranormal investigation!!